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Johnson Sharpening has been operating at the Sunday Stapleton Market since 2013. Located at Stapleton Founders’ Green at East 29th Avenue and Roslyn Street the market surrounds a large grassy area that gives the market a park like atmosphere. There’s plenty of fresh produce, prepared food, services and of course sharpening that makes the market a great Sunday destination.

The Stapleton Market is part of Colorado Fresh Markets. It operates beginning on the 2nd Sunday in June through the 3rd Sunday in October. The last Sunday in 2016 is 10/16. Stapleton Sunday hours are 8:30 am through 12:30 pm.

You can find Johnson Sharpening on the North side of the market near the band shell. We recommend that you drop your sharpening off when you first get to the market. We typically turn orders in 30-minutes but it can be longer if we are busy. Shortest wait times are often towards the end of the market.

Shirley, Duane, Barbara and Jim are handling the Stapleton market in 2016 and we look forward to seeing you there.

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We are dedicated to learning and using the very best in techniques and equipment to provide you with a perfect edge.